fittingDepending on what type of tumble dryer you decide to purchase, your fitting and installation needs will be different.


Any integrated unit will fit seamlessly with your kitchen or utility room and can be hidden behind matching cabinet doors. However, if repairs are required further down the line you may face damage to your kitchen fittings.


A freestanding tumble dryer is possibly the most flexible option as you can place it under any countertop if it is front loading. Even if it’s top loading you can have the option of moving the unit around and you’ll get easy access should any repairs be needed.

Unlike your washing machine, which strictly needs to be in close proximity to your water supply valve, your tumble dryer can be placed anywhere in the house you choose. But remember, a vented unit needs somewhere for the outlet hose to get outside – either through the wall or out of the window.

Some people like to have their washing machine and tumble dryer side by side but this isn’t totally necessary. You can choose to install your tumble dryer in the garage or even the cellar if it’s adequately converted. However, you will always require an electricity outlet to plug the appliance in.