Gas Hobs

  • The flame on the gas burner hob allows for easy temperature control as the heat is visible
  • Some auto ignition hobs have the advantage of reignition if the burner is blown out
  • Others have flame failure safety devices so the gas supply switches off if the flame on the burner extinguishes

Electric Sealed Plates

  • These plates deliver on both style and practicality, providing a traditional look while evenly distributing heat across the bottom of a saucepan. They can accommodate any type of flat base saucepan and are ideally suited to cast iron cookware
  • Proving to be a cost-effective option, all heat is conducted into the pans and some designs have red spots which provide more power than standard plates

Ceramic Hobs

  • This easy to clean design is operated using finger touch controls on a glass surface
  • Some designs feature sensors or timers which will turn down or switch off the heat automatically so you don’t need to go back to the hob
  • All hobs have heat lights to show you when its cool enough to touch

Induction Hobs

  • This cooking method provides instant, precise and evenly-distributed heat
  • Although it is more expensive to buy, an induction hob is quicker and more controllable than gas and cheaper to run than other electric hobs