gas cookerIf you are looking for a responsive cooker which heats up quickly, a gas fueled cooker is the ideal solution for you. The temperature of the zoned oven can be individually controlled, allowing you to cook a variety of dishes at different speeds. However, you will need to remember to preheat to ensure your food is sufficiently cooked all the way through.

Be sure to check your gas connection before you buy a cooker as some rural areas do not have the resources for mains gas. If you do have a mains gas supply, you will need to make sure it is 1.5 metres from where you plan to install your cooker.

LPG cylinders/bottles provide the perfect option if you want the advantages of a gas cooker but aren’t within easy access of a mains gas supply. Make sure you check with your manufacturer before buying the cooker as some appliances are not designed for LPG use
Gas Safe Registered


All gas appliances must be installed by a Gas Safe installer to ensure a correct installation is carried out for complete safety.