If you enjoy creating flavoursome dishes for family and friends, or fancy yourself as the next Mary Berry with your tasty baked treats, there are plenty of cooker functions available to suit your preferences…

double ovensDouble Ovens

  • These give you much more flexibility, allowing you to cook separate dishes in the bottom and top ovens at the same time
  • The bottom is usually a full-sized multifunction or fan oven and the top is a conventional oven with a grill at the top, providing you with extra capacity as well as the option to set each oven to a different temperature

Fan Ovens

  • The fan operates with a circular heating element around it in the rear wall of the oven ensuring the temperature is even throughout the appliance
  • With high-end ovens you have the option to cook foods with strong flavours at the same time without the ruining their taste as the circulating air breaks up odours and fat particles
  • The oven heats up very quickly which reduces cooking times and saves energy


  • Most multifunction ovens combine a fan and conventional oven together with grill and fan/grill roasting. This gives complete flexibility of cooking using different heating elements and a fan to ensure the food is cooked at an even temperature.
  • There are also other cooking modes available, including bottom heat only (to crisp your pies), top heat only (for browning), rotisserie or a defrost setting.


  • Many grill designs feature variable controls so you can set the correct cooking temperature for your dish
  •  To control the cooking on fixed grills, the grill pan must be raised or lowered to the required position
  • High speed grills heat up much quicker and speed up cooking time while saving energy in the process
multifunction and grills

Self Cleaning

Easy-clean enamel oven liners

  • This provides a smooth coating which is resistant to chipping and burned-on grease, requiring much less effort to wipe down
  • It is considered the cheapest option available as manual cleaning is still required Keeping your oven in a clean and hygienic condition after use is extremely important but can be rather time consuming. There are two self-cleaning liners available to make this job a little easier:

Catalytic oven liners

  • This is a specially treated coating which absorbs any grease or food residue when the oven reaches 200°C making it much easier to wipe down
  • If you don’t cook over this temperature, it is advised that you should turn your oven up for an hour every few months to keep the liners in top working order