Additional Functions

There are a wide selection of additional functions and accessories available which have been designed to bring functionality, style and enjoyment to the kitchen. There are plenty of user-friendly functions and accessories to make cooking even easier, including:

  • cooker hoods
  • splashbacks
  • hob lids
  • timers

additional functionsElectronic Controls And Timers

  • These provide greater accuracy and maintain an even temperature, perfect for all those budding bakers out there!
  •  The functions on some ovens have been preselected to save time and energy
  • Most ovens will feature a digital clock and timer so you can keep track of your cooking timings to ensure nothing is under/overcooked
  • An auto-timer allows you to set the oven to start and finish at pre-set times
  • A double oven timer must be the same time setting for both ovens. Only the main oven is programmable so the appliance will switch off automatically when the correct cooking time is over and the food ready to be served

Cooker Hoods

Not only do cooker hoods create a sleek, sophisticated look, they also help to keep your kitchen cooler and neutralise or remove cooking odours and smoke. They are available in a variety of sizes and finishes to complement the design of your cooker. Styles include:

  • visor hoods
  •  telescopic hoods
  • canopy hoods
  • integrated hoods
  • chimney hoods
  • island hoods

Flame Failure Safety Devices For Gas Appliances

If you decide to opt for a gas cooker, make sure you search for a cooker with a flame failure cut-off safety device (FFD) which will automatically switch off the gas supply if the flame is blown out. When the FFD activates, the flow of gas to the hob should stop to prevent an excessive build-up of gas until it is reset manually.

Volume And Capacity

Oven capacity gives a good indication of how much food an oven can hold so you can work out whether you will have enough space to rustle up your favourite dishes. The inside of the oven is measured in litres so you can work out what size you will need judging by the amount of food you regularly cook; this is particularly helpful for larger families who will need require a much bigger cooker.

size and measuring