typeFridge freezer combinations have been around for a long time now, freeing up space by combining two functions in one appliance. If you haven’t got room for a separate fridge and freezer – and let’s face it, who does? – then you’ll need to establish which type of fridge freezer you should get, combining the two stacked on top of one another.

50/50, 60/40 or 70/30? – Getting the split between the fridge and freezer right will depend on which you use more. If you like the even split then go for a 50/50, but if you’re keener on refrigerating or freezing items you can find a 60/40 split. 70/30 usually refers to a large fridge with a small freezer space, a more common set up if you have a dedicated freezer elsewhere in the home.

Top or Bottom?

Regardless of what split you choose there will be one portion of your fridge freezer which is less easy to access. If you choose a unit with the fridge at the bottom you’re going to have to stoop for items like butter, with the salad or vegetables you keep in the drawers at the very lowest level. Most people opt for the freezer on the bottom as it’s less frequently used, but there are some people who prefer easier access to their frozen goods.

Think about American Fridge Freezers

Even American fridge freezers will have a choice over the split, but given that these appliances are larger by definition it might not matter all that much in the end about the split. The side by side split on these fridge freezers are becoming more common, even in standard versions of the appliance.

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