features temperatureThe temperature of your fridge freezer can make a huge difference to how long your food lasts. A steady, optimum level of humidity will keep salads crisper and prevent bacteria and odors from building.

  • Most appliances will now refrigerate evenly to avoid warm air disturbing food at the top of your fridge.
  • If you have ever had issues with frost at the back of your fridge, check for an auto-defrost function which will dispel this problem on any new appliance.
  • For the ultimate control you can get a fridge freezer with flexible zones, switching from fridge and freezer functions depending on the type of food you wish to preserve.
  •  If you’ve just got in from doing your shopping and need a quick freeze or chill you can find appliances with just such a function, rapidly keeping your groceries in check.

As previously mentioned, most appliances now allow you to view the temperature from the outside on a display and have compressors which are more reliable than ever. Even the most basic fridge freezer should have good temperature control to protect your food and prevent energy wastage, but for additional controls you’re bound to pay a higher price.

Think About placement

Where you decide to place your fridge freezer can impact on the temperature and performance. If you expose it to lots of sunlight – in full view of a window – it will have to work harder to keep the temperature down during the day, while in the shade it will have a much easier time.

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