Size and Measurements

size measuringKitchens can be tricky at the best of times, so trying to fit a large appliance like a fridge freezer can be difficult. Ideally you should measure up the space you intend to fit your appliance into, leaving a little breathing room around the edges and back. Consider also how the doors will open, a narrow kitchen can present access problems.


It will be up to you to decide which capacity works best for your household. A full family might need a larger unit to keep all of the necessary essentials on hand, while households with only one or two people might be able to manage with less capacity. In the end your shopping habits might dictate how much space you need regardless of how many people will use it.

Height, Width & Depth

  • The dimensions of fridge freezers can vary wildly, hence why it’s so important to measure your space first.
  •  From being short enough to fit under your countertop to a whopping 2 metres plus, heights should factor heavily if you have low ceilings or fixed counters.
  • The widths available range from 50cm to 65cm, but remember you’ll need a little bit more space either side to prevent blocking the hinges of the doors.
  • Measuring height and depth isn’t enough, you need to know your fridge freezer will sit back in line with your worktops and units without protruding and obstructing.

Focal Point

If you have a large, spacious kitchen then you might like to select a more extravagant fridge freezer and use it as a focal point. American fridge freezers are perfect for this because of their huge chests and extra gadgets – but be warned that these will cost significantly more to run

Think About slim line fridge freezers

As with most appliances these days you can usually get a slimline version to help you save on energy as well as space. If you’re not big on stocking up with food or you live by yourself then a slim fridge freezer can free up extra space and will mean you don’t waste electricity on empty space.