fittingIt’s no good choosing any old fridge freezer for your kitchen, you’ll need to ensure that it fits, both in terms of it’s placement and it’s aesthetics. Some people prefer to have their fridge freezer in a utility room if they’re short on space, but this can make transporting foods a little trickier. Obviously this appliance can be fitted anywhere there is an adequate power outlet so the choice is yours.


To give a more complete look to any kitchen there is always the option of having an integrated fridge freezer, creating a uniform look. However, you’ll need to do this as part of your kitchen overhaul as it will be easier to do at this point. Beware that repairs will also be more difficult once your appliance is installed and damage might be caused to your units if you have a fault which a repairman needs access for.

Free Standing

A lot of people prefer the classic look of a freestanding fridge freezer, especially since there aren’t as many distracting dials or buttons. You’ll be able to move the unit around if you ever change your layout and any ice dispensing machines will be easy to use.

Free Fitting With Delivery

Most delivery services will also include the setup of your unit but check this out beforehand as some companies may not offer this service or may charge extra. If you’re installing the unit yourself you should read through any instructions and warnings carefully first, don’t simply plug in and load up as it will need time to reach the right temperature.


You might not think of colour as important, but consider how the appliance will fit in with the rest of your kitchen if you are having a freestanding unit. White units are less popular now while silver, black or grey appliances lend themselves better to neutral tones. This decision will also factor into where the appliance is finally installed, helping to create the ideal kitchen or utility setup.

Think About safety

As mentioned already, not all units will be installed by the delivery team. Fridge freezers contain gases which need to be handled with care, you must never lie the appliance on it’s side or carry it horizontally. The appliance should stay upright but can be tilted slightly to maneuver it through a doorway or to transport it on a dolly.