Fridge freezers are subject to the same energy efficiency rating as all other appliances, ranging for A+++ to G, although since 2012 no new appliances below the A+ level can be created. However, you might find the odd A or B rated appliance if a company is selling through old stock.

energy efficiency

How Is The Rating Worked Out?

The EU regulations dictate that the energy efficiency rating of fridge freezers is down to both the internal capacity of the unit and how well it holds and maintains the right temperature (when the temperature outside is 25°c).

Does The Rating Matter?

You’d be surprised at how little difference there is in terms of savings on your energy bills at the top end of the spectrum. It can be a matter of a few pounds here and there annually between A+ and A++ for example, so don’t get too caught up on it, it just means they run more efficiently than older models if they’re rated A+ or above. The jump in price for a better rated unit isn’t always worth that extra cost.

Think about holiday settings

If you’re going away for more than a few days and won’t be keeping food in your fridge then an appliance with a holiday setting will help you save more and lower energy wastage. You simply select the holiday setting once you’ve cleared the fridge to keep the most economical temperature while the freezer remains unchanged.

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