The size and capacity of your dishwasher is going to be important, as it will be an indication of how much you can expect to wash in one go – useful information if you run a busy household.

When talking about the capacity of your appliance it usually comes down to how many place settings you could wash up for. The regular sized dishwasher you’re probably used to seeing can take 12 place settings which includes:

size measurements

Despite this being the standard size, it doesn’t mean you can’t go bigger or smaller. You’ll need to decide how much you rely on your dishwasher to get through your washing up, but you’ll also need to decide how well a dishwasher fits into your kitchen. If you’re having a brand new kitchen you can factor in whichever model you like, but if you have an existing recess then you’ll want to measure it up to check which models will fit your space.

You can also find integrated models for your kitchen if you’re planning refurbishments and want to hide the dishwasher door to match your units, just bear in mind you might have to damage your units to carry out repairs should any faults arise.

Think about slimline dishwashers

If you’re worried about being able to fit a dishwasher into your already cramped kitchen then consider a slimline model. Many manufacturers offer these smaller units for households where there might only be one or two people, saving on the amount of space the appliance takes up and the amount you spend on running costs.

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