programmesNot all dishwashers have the same programmes, there are varying settings you can choose from manufacturer to manufacturer. There should be at least three main programmes as well as a rinse cycle on even the most basic models.

The first washing function should operate at around 65ºC for heavy cleaning, the second function will be an economy setting which is for your general load and a third setting to take care of a light wash or for those more delicate items.

  • Glasses Function – For when you need to get through a lot of glassware but don’t want to use the whole of the machine. This could also be called a half load setting, because of the ability to wash only one shelf.
  • Rinse and Hold – This is a good function for those people who don’t fill their dishwasher very quickly. If you leave food and grime on your dishes it can start to create a bad odour and harden onto surfaces, but with a rinse function you can wash away this mess without using any detergent. You can then continue to fill the machine until it’s ready for a proper wash with a full load.
  • Adaptable Function – Many dishwashers now have an adaptable function whereby it will gauge the load in your dishwasher to decide how much water should be used during the wash, increasing or decreasing as necessary.

Drying Programmes

Your pots, pans, cutlery and crockery could be dried by a few different things, the first is the actual heat of the washing itself, but the most efficient and effective modes of drying come from either a heated air process or a fan assisted drying programme. These last two are more energy efficient and can be far quicker than a residual drying method.

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