fittingWhere To Fit Your Dishwasher

In terms of practicality, and for the ease of plumbing, you should have your dishwasher installed as close to your kitchen sink as possible. Anything more than 1.2m away and you’ll have problems getting the unit plumbed in, this is due to the length of the piping. This should always be under your countertop, but it’s up to you whether you integrate the appliance with a door to match your existing kitchen decor. Once connected up to your cold water you should be ready to go. Some people opt to have their dishwasher fitted in a utility room, but given that a washing machine and tumble dryer might also be in the same space, it may not be ideal. Fitting the unit in your kitchen means you can put dirty pots straight in the dishwasher without trailing mess around.

Your Old dishwasher

Many suppliers will offer to remove your old dishwasher as long as you disconnect it first. If they don’t offer to take it away you can always look up your nearest waste centre, some of which will happily take in your appliance and who can hopefully recycle it as best as possible. Find your nearest free centre at

Think about professional fitting

It’s recommended that you have a professional install your dishwasher; only attempt to install the appliance if you have had previous experience of carrying out such tasks. With a professional fitting of your appliance you lower the chance of damaging the appliance and needing repair work.