tabletDishwasher Salt

In order to create softened water your appliance needs
dishwasher salt. This removes calcium and magnesium if
you live in a hard water area, protecting your appliance.

Rinse Aid

This helps to create a better shine finish to your items,
it also cuts your drying time.


Detergents are standard for dishwashers, coming in
tablet, liquid or powder form to assist in cleaning your
pots and pans.

While keeping your dishes clean will be a doddle, you also
need to keep the inside of your dishwasher clean and
odour free. You can do this with a dishwasher freshener
and by regularly cleaning out your filters to remove
food stuffs.

loadHow To Load Your Dishwasher

Usually, the lower rack which wheels out along the bottom
is for your bigger, heavily soiled items such as plates, dishes
and pans, while the top rack is for smaller items which will
see less exposure to the water streams. Some dishwashers
now use the top layer for a cutlery and utensils rack,
featuring a mat which can be pulled out to collect all of
these items all at once.

Think about what can and cannot be washed

While it’s tempting to throw all of your things into the
dishwasher at once, think carefully about what you put into your
dishwasher. Most items will state whether they are dishwasher
friendly on their packaging or on their underside – delicate items
and patterned china are the two key things to avoid placing in
your dishwasher.

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