energy efficiencyLike all appliances, dishwashers are subject to the A-G energy efficiency rating scheme – A being the best and G being the worst. These ratings are based on tests carried out by the manufacturer in accordance with standardised tests which are checked by Trading Standards.

Energy efficiency has an impact on your bills as well as the environment, with water becoming a precious commodity. If you’re on a water meter, the better your energy efficiency rating is the less you’ll spend, and if you get cheaper electricity at night you might want a dishwasher with the option to programme it for running at night to make the best of those rates.

The dishwashers with the best energy rating will be higher in price, but it will be down to you to decide if the extra cost for the initial outlay will be offset when it comes to your bills at the end of the month.

Think about economy settings

Look out for dishwashers with special economy settings if you’re really keen on having an energy efficient unit, but be warned that they might not wash your most stubborn and messy items as well as a normal setting would. A quick cycle might also save you money if you’re not fully loading the unit with lots of awkward items.

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