Hotpoint Fridge Repair

Hotpoint, founded in 1911, have long been making refrigerators, and while you should expect yours to last, there is always the risk it will break down or encounter faults. When it does, look no further than our dedicated engineers at Domex for Hotpoint fridge repairs.

In any home or business, the fridge is an integral appliance. Large or small, it’s designed to keep perishables fresh, cool and ready to eat, so when your fridge breaks down it can leave you in a bit of a tough spot. Wherever you are in London, we can provide specialist repairs and even safe installation of new appliances.

Fridges contain refrigerants which can often make tinkering around with the appliance yourself somewhat risky. Whether it’s a problem with your appliance not staying cool, an electrical fault or you notice water leaking from your Hotpoint fridge, we have the knowledge, tools and spare parts to help.

Book an appointment for the same day, evening or weekend and we’ll arrange a time to suit your schedule – all our work comes with a one year guarantee for your peace of mind, too.

Don’t suffer without your appliance, get in touch for Hotpoint fridge repairs today.