Daewoo Tumble Dryer Repair

If your Daewoo tumble dryer has encountered a fault, or has completely broken down, it can throw all your household plans off course. At Domex we provide a Daewoo tumble dryer repair service for everything, from simple faults to those which pose a more severe threat.

With expert, trained engineers on hand to diagnose and provide repairs for any faults on Daewoo tumble dryers, your appliances are well catered for. Get in touch today no matter what make or model tumble dryer you have and we’ll be happy to arrange an appointment.

Daewoo Tumble Dryer Installation

Fitting a tumble dryer can be tricky, that’s why at Domex we provide Daewoo tumble dryer installation, keeping you safe and getting your appliance up and running. With excellent rates and an efficient service, you need look no further than Domex for all your installation requirements.

Common Daewoo Tumble Dryer Problems That We Fix

Fixing a whole host of problems is what we do best at Domex, which is why, no matter what the age or model of your Daewoo tumble dryer, we can help. Our trained technicians fix everything, from the smallest issues to the major problems, all in a timely and professional manner.

The following are just a handful of common Daewoo tumble dryer problems we tackle:

  • Faulty heaters
  • Faulty thermostats
  • Blockages
  • Faulty belts
  • Motor issues
  • Bearing problems

Get in touch for more details about repairs or installation services for Daewoo tumble dryers, we’re always happy to help and can book an appointment to suit your needs.